Dec 2011: New litter planned for January 2012!

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When you buy your kitten from a Healthy Bombay Allianz breeder you make a morally and ethically good choise by choosing a kitten with healthy breeding lines. All kittens from Securitazz have American traditional lines.

Securitazz earlier litters

C-kullen Nala's first litter

Nala's first litter.



First the males... This little fellow will be named Bono by his new owners.










...then the girls. (oh, how impolite!)





Playful and masters at jumping.

The kittens are growing rapidly! ...moviestars Nov 2009.

Click for YouTube link in case you can't see the movie.


kull 2

The whole family together.


Zanellas kull jan-09

Zanella's litter, January 2009.


Zanellas kull jan-09

The January 2009 litter, 1 week old.


Zanellas kull jan-09

Litter January 2009.


'Plutten', now Zsazsa, full and satisfied.


kull nr 1

Zsazsa, here 3 weeks.


kull nr 1

A kitten from an earlier litter.



No time to be still when there is a whole world out there to discover...


Four weeks and we are always up to something...


Securitazz Zoe, 5 weeks.


Peek-a-boo! Three weeks.



The first picture of a newborn kitten.


Deliveries seldom become as expected and this was not an exception. In the afternoon Betzy started to be uncomfortable and we suspected what was going on. Later at night it was time. She laid down in the box we had arranged for her.


After a while she started to push. She was working real hard with no result. Nothing happend. I could only see a small part of the membrane of the fetus where a tail and a leg were dimly to be seen. The kitten was stuck!

After a long and heavy effort from Betzy the legs and body came out but now the little one was stuck with its head. It was coming nowhere and the fetus bladder broke. Well prepard as I was I realized it was time to help out. With a firm grip of the neckskin (how firm it may be on a slippery tiny kitten!) I helped Betzy by wiggeling up and down and 'plopp' there came a total lifeless kitten out. Betzy licked and I massaged and sucked the water out of its nose and mouth. I massaged and massaged and sucked and sucked with no result. Finally after a couple of slings it started to wheeze and started to move. It was wheezy for an hour but after that it was alright.

The rest of the kittens were born without any problems. Betzy was calm and satisfied but I was sitting and couldn´t do anything else but shake.

9 weeks

Happy kitten 9 weeks.



The VM troop 2006.


If you are interested or want to be put on our waiting list, please give us a call or send us an e-mail mobile/cell phone +46 70 750 56 76