Breed standard

Breed standard Bombay (varies in different associations)

The head is round and medium in size. Face to be full with considerable width between the eyes. The ears are wide set with slightly rounded tips. They are alert, tilting slightly forward. The eyes are large round and wide set. The color is from gold to copper. The chin is firm, rounded. The muzzle is short, broad well developed. The profile will have a visible stop. The end of the nose is slightly rounded down. The neck is developed short to medium.

The body is medium in size somewhat compact. The torso somewhat longer. Rounded ample chest. The legs are sturdy and proportionate. Paws are rounded. The tail is medium in lenght tapering to blunt tip. The body is firmly muscled. Surprising weight for its size. The coat is short, closelying and satin-like. The color is dark to the roots, shimmering and patent leather sheen.

General description Bombay

The Bombay orginated as a hybrid between the Burmese and the American Shorthair. However, it has distinctive features, which seperate it from its parent breed. Created to resemble a "mini-panther", the Bombay has an exellent constitiution with a well-developed muscular and firm body. There should be no evidence of obesity, paunchiness, weakness or apathy. It has substantial bone structure and surprisingly heavy for its size. With its jet black, "patent leather" coat; "new copper penny" eyes; solid body and sweet open facial expression, the ideal Bombay has an unmistakable look of its own.


The Bombay is very curious and playful and love to participate in alla daily chores wether it concerns the dishes, wraoing parcels or folding clothes. It will happily "help out" to see the clothes end up in the right place in the closet. It quite simply lies down exactly at the spot you were going to put the article of clothing. The expression of the face is full of expectations and the cat is ready to go a wrestling game with the sweater you just were going to put in.

The balance and the flexibility are exeptional within this muscular but also vigorous cat. To balance high up on the door or on top of the shower cabin is the best way to check out the surroundings so it wouldn´t miss anything interesting to explore. It is fascinating to see the springiness within a playful Bombay jumping after its "plunder" higher and more acrobatic you ever would imagine.

The Bombay enjoys the indoor life and adjust easily to its surroundnings. It just love warmth and gladly shares the bed of its owner, preferable under the cover where the warmest place is.

This unique cat is easily trained and willingly goes for a walk in the leash to explore the neighbourhood. To play fetch is a game that many Bombays love. Having such an alert cat involves a cat that open doors and like hide-and-seek games.

The coat is very easy to care for. It hardley looses any hair if not at all. If you want your cat to shine, just stroke the cat with a shimmy or just with your hand.

The Bombay is an active cat that appriciates a playmate, preferably another Bombay or Burmese. That is presumably they demand an intellect, an invention skill, a playfulness, fantasy end energi that is on the same level as them. The Bombay goes wonderfully well with dogs.