Here are some ideas on how to build

Cat yard

We decided to build a cat yard so that our cats could enjoy the outside in a safe way.

Measuring and marking off how big the area will be.


We had to dig 50 cm deep for the plinths. The whole thing is built up against a wall for wind protection.


It's important to make it straight!


Mixing cement. The cardboard pipes were cut to appropriate lengths as to fit in the holes previously dug.


For the construction to stand for years to come we painted the wood with base coat.


To get the deck brackets aligned properly during the pour, we use the long joists as an aid.



Gustav is pouring the cement. Hopefully we have measured right.



I made a big roof out of impregnated cloth for shade.



Using a water level is a must!



We also wanted to build a cat house. Two storeys high and a place underneath for the cat toilet.



To make it completely escape safe we put up mesh all around.



The mesh was put under the grass.



Ready! The roof for shade sits between two wires so it's possible to draw and pull back more or less depending on the weather.



The cat house has two storeys with a basket on each level. The cats like to sit out on the porches and enjoy being outside.



The only thing missing now is decoration and some cat toys. The cats seem happy though!

Cat safe Porch

We like our cats to be able to move around freely on our porch and we thought long and hard on a solution that didn't remind us of a prison.

We spend a lot of time out on the porch with friends and cats during the summer.

It's too easy for a Bombay to climb mesh. But to climb plexiglass...? Nope, doesn't work!
So we simply put up plexiglass between poles. Works perfectly. We used 3mm plexiglass but you can preferably use 6mm.

The cats' favourite grass is planted in a pot...

... and Zaviola seems to think it's yummy.

Kitty [play] pen

When the first box is too small and the world still too big the perfect solution is a kitty play pen in the livingroom. We first tried a ready-made mesh wire compost bin. Not so great, the kittens simply walked through the holes in the mesh or managed to climb it.
The solution is to dress the bin with waxed cloth. Too slippery for kittens to climb and the construction easily folds away when not in use. We got the idea from the plexiglass on the porch.
There is also plenty of room for anyone who wants to sit inside and play with the kittens. Just connect two 4-panel compost bins together to make it larger.

The Kitty play pen is a simple but great idea.